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We prepare our dishes with a lot of love, that's why our kitchen is so mediterranean.

Here you will discover a gastronomic proposal that will surprise you. Our team of passionate chefs strive to create unique and delicious dishes, highlighting the flavors of the season and offering an unforgettable culinary experience.

At La Chancla, we invite you to try our freshest and most delicious marine flavors.Our Tuna tartare It is a true culinary gem. Prepared with the freshest tuna, marinated in carefully selected spices and extra virgin olive oil, each bite will transport you to the sea with its incomparable flavor.

But that is not all. If you are a lover of hamburgers, our beef burgers they will leave you speechless. Juicy, tender and with an unbeatable flavor, each of our burgers is made with premium meat and served on a soft and fluffy artisan bun. Accompanied by a selection of sauces and garnishes, these burgers are the perfect choice for those looking for a first-class dining experience.

In addition to our star dishes, at La Chancla we are also proud to offer a variety of fresh and appetizing salads. Prepared with seasonal ingredients, our salads are a healthy and refreshing option that perfectly complement our main courses. From Mediterranean salads to more creative options, we have options for all tastes.

And if you love the taste and freshness of Asian cuisine, you can't miss our wok. Prepared at the moment with fresh and tasty ingredients, our woks will take you on a culinary journey to faraway lands. Enjoy an explosion of flavors and textures as our expert chefs create unique, custom dishes right before your eyes.

At La Chancla, we are committed to using fresh, local ingredients in all of our dishes. We are proud to highlight the authentic flavors of the region and offer a unique culinary experience. With a privileged location next to the beach and a selection of seasonal dishes, including our tuna tartare, beef burgers, fresh salads and tasty woks, we invite you to enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Come and let us conquer your palate at La Chancla!

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